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The first global cloud-based learning platform
With this revolutionary platform, Thinkforma makes it easy for learning institutions to manage their entire training catalog in a quick, easy and flexible way. You can even search for the trainers and venues best suited for each course.
Your résumé on the cloud is the easy way to present your skills and knowledge online or on paper in a quick and intuitive manner. Choose from our multiple online templates and include all your personal, academic and work-related information.
Your Taxi, a Click Away
Taxible is the digital services system that connects the passenger with the Radio System via the new mobile technologies. With Taxible the passenger has access to all the services offered by the taxi in an easy and secure way, via their smartphone or web. Passengers will be able to locate themselves on a map without the need to know their location's address or that of nearby taxis.
The solution for hospitality business owners.
Your key business metrics on your smartphone in a simple way. Real time.
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Antonio Ramírez

Vision and Action!

Antonio is always coming up with new ideas that make the day-to-day easier to get on with for human beings and other species. He holds an Executive MBA and is a Computer Engineer. At 24 he became an entrepreneur. He later founded Ideario Ventures with Keysco as an attempt to combine all their business knowledge about Internet business. Part of his business jargon are words like objectives, timeframe, cost, management… but his favorite word is still Action & Continue!


Javier Iglesias

Marketing & WoW Factor!

Javier is a hyperactive entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the wonderful world of traditional and online Marketing. Throughout these years he’s combined his Creative Director role at a Graphic Design studio with the Commercial Director role leading teams in other ventures. In an attempt to disassociate himself from standard practices, he founds Ideario Ventures with Antonio. Big fan of Seth Godin, listening to very loud music and lining up pixels. Failed musician.


Rafa Paradela

Programming & <Hello world> Dev

Rafa fell in a cooking pot full of code when he was a little boy. He ended up in Computer Engineering lured by algorithms and creative programming. During his college years he worked for Seville University and has ever since dedicated his creative genius to understand the inner workings of programming languages, frameworks and APIs for several companies. A tireless perfectionist, he’s passionate about making apps that revolve around the concept of unique experiences.


Jetro Cabau

Design & Kung-Fu Art!

Ever since he was a kid he’s loved to draw. Created several painting, illustration and graphic art exhibition. In 2008 he represanted Spain at “Le mois du Graphisme” in Grenoble, Frace. Right after graduating from Graphic Design he met Javier at an ad agency. In 2011 they both started collaborating on projects for Ideario Ventures, always in search of perfection and WoW effect in all their designs. His next challenge is to maintain his room tidy and conquer the world in a peaceful manner.


Joaquín Rodríguez

Brainstorming & Loudspeaker!

Joaquin is the international arm of Ideario Ventures. After graduating from Industrial Engineering he decided Madrid didn’t have enough palm trees so he fled to Puerto Rico from Madrid. With time he became a certified Project Manager (PMP) and Life Coach. He Works helping people and companies become more productive while finding the ever elusive balance between meaning and productivity. Much to his dismay, he’s known Keysco for over two decades now.


Pablo González

Programming & Jedi Coder

Pablo’s always been interested in words. So much so that he taught himself to read in kindergarden. Despite his literary passion he considers himself a "Sciences man". He’s passionate about machines and their internal architecture, the "words" that make them work. In 2008, after obtaining his degree in Computer Engineering, he worked in the training industry, where he learned a great deal about its inner workings. He’s passionate about motorcycles, but just as a word, cause he’s not even capable of riding one.


Alicia Ruiz

Communication & Social Media

Alicia always had this calling to be a journalist. Well, she's not sure if it's really masochism... Anyhow, she started out her professional career in digital media. Now she's in charge of sharing everything we do here at Ideario via traditional media and social networks. She is such a noble soul that it's impossible for her not to want to be Dulcinea, the virtuous woman; unthinkable to not identify her passion with with Anna Karenina's; unreasonable not to have mercy for Medea.

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